"Company GLAVBRAND offers you a complex of services for branding your product from the development of packaging or labels to the design of advertising and presentation materials and writing promotion strategies."

By entrusting the promotion of goods to professionals from GLAVBRAND, the customer receives order of staff of professionals with many years of experience and with impressive portfolio, able to successfully carry out the complex of all necessary innovations in the development of new activities.


Brand and packaging play a huge role in the success of a product in the market. Depending on the chosen target segment, we will develop a visual image that successfully sets you apart from competitors.  

The creation of a corporate identity is based on the basic elements that serve as a starting point for solving any marketing, advertising and PR tasks.

The trademark (logo);
Corporate colors;  
Corporate font;  
Graphic design elements;  
Packaging, label


Creating a website

In the business of the third millennium, one of the key elements of promotion is the presence on the Internet. A well-designed website is an indispensable component of a successful marketing strategy, the effectiveness of which has been an axiom for several decades.  

The corporate resource developed by us will meet modern requirements and, of course, the status of your company. The competent development of the site will allow in the future to more effectively use modern methods of advertising on the Internet and work with the attracted traffic of visitors.

• Layout and design of the website
• Carrying out photo and video shooting of a portfolio (if necessary)
• Writing texts
• Working with content for SMM (maintaining pages on facebook)
• Contextual advertising Yandex and Google


At this stage, the main task is to find out the key features of the product, determine the target audience or several market segments for further promotion. The analysis of SWOT (strengths / weaknesses, opportunities and prospects / threats, risks).

• Writing a mission, values, determination of unique competencies + text materials for the printing and media production (slogans, news articles, or scripts) 
• Explication of advertising and PR-campaigns (communication channels, the main advertising media, etc.) 
• Drawing up an action plan (consultations on the formation of an advertising budget for the year with an indication of average prices for services), negotiating and monitoring the implementation of tasks by contractors (printing houses, Internet portals, editorial offices, press representatives, owners of urban structures, etc.)


The artistic medium of photography allows you to provide your audience with the perfect picture to encourage a purchase. Carrying staged photo shoot is very important for further work on the promotion of a new product on the market.

• Subject photo
• Staged photo (studio, production)
• Advertising staged photo (with invited models in the interior or exterior, story photo)


Catalogs, presenters for sales representatives, flyers and much more are the most important part of product promotion on the market. GLAVBRAND marketing specialists will develop a unique design, calculate and prepare the required circulation of materials for launching an advertising campaign.

• Office identity: design of business cards (general and personal), letterhead, envelope, examples of design of souvenir products
• Design and printing of advertising flyers
• Modules to the press (can also be used for Internet mailing) 
• Development of a commercial proposal (writing + layout)
• Billboard design 
• Design presenters booklets 
• Development of design layouts for corporate publications (newspapers / magazines / catalogs).